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Vedic Astrology, known as Jyotish, has served to illuminate the spiritual path for thousands of years. Jyotish, which means, “Science of Light,” adapts the Sidereal Zodiac as a reference point. This means that the planets’ positions are in direct alignment with that of the physical constellations. The Tropical Zodiac, used in western astrology, mediates the position of the constellations with the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. For example; if a person is born on June 2nd, the Tropical Western Zodiac would claim that her sun is in Gemini. The Vedics would say her sun was in Taurus. Which is right? On June 2nd if you look at the sun, you are facing the direction of Taurus the Bull. The two systems vary by 23 degrees.

To convert the western to vedic, subtract 23 degrees from all the planets and the cardinal points. Another major difference between the two astrological systems is the importance placed on the sun and moon. Western Astrology favors the sun and Jyotish the Moon. The Moon completes its cycle in 28 days. In Jyotish, each of those 28 positions has its own special symbol and significance. These are known as the 28 Nakshatras, a foundation of Vedic Astrology. They are believed to have predated the 12 signs of the zodiac and demonstrate many correlations in meaning to the 12 signs.

Types of Astrology Readings Available

Natal Reading: 45 minutes; Fee $275.00

Focus is placed on the natal chart; the astrological imprint created at the time of birth. The reading includes life lessons, a personality profile, relationship dynamics and an overview of the planetary cycles which reveal the unfolding drama that is life.

Locational Reading: 45 minutes; Fee $125.00

The focus is on finding locations that will prove to maximize the positive  aspects of ones life. The planetary configurations of the natal chart are projected onto the world map, coloring specific locations. These places are where one may thrive or at least minimize the obstacles demonstrated by the natal chart. A brief natal reading is included.

Progression Reading: 45 minutes; Fee $125.00

Future articles will bring greater understanding into Vedic Astrology.

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